Which of the following Action Is Legal for Pwc

34. In addition to a white light all around, what light or lights must be displayed by motorized vessels less than 65.6 feet (20 metres) in length when navigating between sunset and sunrise? Also note that the owner of the boat must obtain his boat title before he can obtain his certificate of registration of the boat. This requirement applies to: From November 1 to April 30 of the following year, at midnight, individuals must wear a Coast Guard-approved PFD I, II, III or V when navigating or anchoring on boats less than 16 feet in length or a canoe or kayak. One. Take early steps to stay away from the sailboat. 16. A personal watercraft must be operated appropriately and prudently. It`s illegal: 13. According to Florida law, PFDs (life jackets) on your vessel must be sized for which person on board? D. Maintain course and speed unless the ship does not yield to action.

All boaters or passengers 12 years of age and under on a vessel less than 20 feet in length, as well as canoes and kayaks of any length, must carry an approved PFD while cruising. 23. Is it illegal to operate which of the following facilities is impaired by alcohol or drugs? A certificate of ownership is a legal document that proves ownership. 38. What authority is required by Florida law to approve PFDs (lifejackets)? B. Take early and substantive steps to stay away. 58. Under Florida`s Obstruction to Navigation Regulations, is it illegal to attach your vessel to which of the following vessels? Vessel owners must have a Temporary Vessel Registration Certificate for at least 60 days before they can operate in state waters. After receiving the vessel`s registration certificate, please note the following: 11.

Two boats operate in close proximity to each other. One of these vessels must act early and substantially to stay away from the other vessel. Which boat should act? 17. Which persons on board a personal watercraft are required to wear a PFD (lifejacket) under Florida law? 18. Which of the following requirements is one of the legal requirements for operating a personal watercraft in Florida? 14. Which PFDs would be considered easily accessible? 29. Your boat is flooded away from shore. What should you do?.

5. What equipment on a boat is most important to avoid propeller impact injuries? 6. A passenger on your boat falls overboard. What should you do FIRST? R. PFDs are located close to everyone on board. Has. Successfully complete an approved boating safety course and obtain a Florida Boating Safety Education Card and onboard photo ID. Ships duly registered in another state do not need to be registered in Pennsylvania until they operate in Pennsylvania waters for more than 60 consecutive days. 3. If you see a red flag or buoy with a white diagonal stripe (diver symbol), you must: A. Turn off the engine when the driver is thrown overboard 8. If you see a dead person, a destitute person or a man being harassed, you should: “Zero tolerance” prohibits people under the age of 21 from consuming alcohol and operating a vessel with an alcohol content greater than 0.02%.

22. Which of them is the most common cause of fatal boat accidents in Florida? Personal watercraft can only be used between sunrise and sunset. 32. You sail upstream on a river at dusk. You will see a buoy with the number 5 and a flashing green light. What should you do?. 55. A motorboat approaches a sailboat head-on. What should the motorboat do? Non-motorized vessels do not need to be registered – unless they are launched in lakes and Commission access areas or Pennsylvania State Parks or if required by the owner (e.g., U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers). 48. What is the main function of an engine shut-off switch? 47. The Florida Boater Education Temporary Certificate is valid for ___ months from the date of completion, is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for the Florida Boating Safety Education ID Card. Titling your vessel also offers some advantages. Having your boat titled will make it easier for you to get a loan and deter boat theft. In the event that you sell your vessel, a title assures potential buyers that you are the obvious owner. The vessel`s Certificate of Registration, validation sticker and title may be obtained by submitting the appropriate application and fees to an authorized licensing agent or to the following address: 36. What should the operator of a replacement ship do if he encounters a priority ship? 30.

What should I do if my boat`s engine catches fire? Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission Licensing and Registration Division P.O. P.O. Box 67000 Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000 39. Where is the best place to place PFDs while you are on your boat? D. You lose all steering control when the engine idles or shuts down All vessels propelled by machinery, including gasoline, diesel and electric engines, and operating primarily in Pennsylvania waters must be registered and receive a Pennsylvania Vessel Registration Card from the CBFP. Documented pleasure craft such as yachts must be registered as well as sailboats that use gasoline, diesel or electric engines as auxiliary power. 12. When sailing in Florida, who is primarily responsible for everyone`s safety aboard a pleasure boat? 10. You will see a white buoy with an orange square and black writing. What does this buoy tell you? 21. A personal watercraft capsizes.

What is the best way to roll the personal watercraft to straighten it? 56. You meet another boat. You assess the situation and realize that you are the ship that is giving way. What should you do? One. report it to FWC law enforcement on VHF vChannel 16 or call 1-888-404-3922-1. Two boats operate in the same general area. Who is responsible for avoiding a collision? 53. A certain type of marking is used to warn boaters not to navigate between the marker and the shore. What color is this marker? C. Do not exceed the limits indicated on the capacity label. 43. Florida law prohibits persons under the age of _____ from operating personal watercraft: Don`t underestimate personal watercraft – they are very powerful because of their small size and require the same respect as any boat.

In fact, PWC operations must comply with the same rules and regulations as any other powerboat – including state registration and a B-1 class fire extinguisher on board. The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission is responsible for regulating the boat laws of the State of Pennsylvania. 4. Florida law requires that a person born on or after January 1, 1988 and who operates a vessel with an engine of 10 horsepower or more in Florida waters: 19.

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