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The increased agility of the digital delivery team emerged at the beginning of the COVID crisis. When the team was asked to help launch the Council`s “Here 2 Help” community intervention program, they designed, developed and implemented seven apps in just two weeks. We provide legal advice and representation on behalf of the Board. Our in-house staff directly provides the bulk of the overall legal service, while the rest is provided by additional assistance from external lawyers or lawyers in private practice as required. The Commission establishes a legal services framework within which licensed providers may request specific requirements, which will be communicated by the Commission as soon as the requirements are established. The Council shall issue a call for tenders to be included in this framework from service providers with relevant experience and capacity to provide legal advice and assistance for: Lot 1 Transport, rehabilitation and real estate infrastructure Lot 2 Competition, public procurement and works contracts Lot 3 Management of motorway development This framework is expected to enter into force in October 2022 and expire 4 years after the start. There is no guarantee of work or expenses, and any resulting contract is not exclusive. The award of works under the layout lots may be carried out either by competitive tendering or by direct award. This framework is open to the general public and other sectors. Please contact procurement@worcestershire.gov.uk for more information. Public sector organizations are www.ons.gov.uk/economy/nationalaccounts/uksectoraccounts/datasets/public as defined here. The value of the contract is only an estimate of the expenses. According to the specification, “We were able to deploy increasingly critical applications related to our COVID-19 response in record time, some in less than 24 hours.

This has allowed us to help vulnerable people – across the county and within the council itself – get the help they need at this critical time. “The result: an improved customer experience and reduced cost of delivery. In addition, Commission staff now have more time to devote to citizens who require personal assistance, further improving contact centre performance, service delivery, and customer service metrics. A good example of this is the first application that the Commission shipped with OutSystems, the replacement copy and certificate application. The old online system used to apply for and pay for birth, death, and marriage certificates often broke down, requiring additional effort from employees and citizens. The new system is reliable, fast and easy to use, allowing citizens to request and pay for copies of certificates securely and conveniently and to track the progress of their applications. Today, 95% of certificate applications are made online, compared to 40% previously. Other applications created by the Council have improved cooperation between several agencies. For example, in the area of social protection, the Council has developed a secure portal “Single View of the Child”, which is now used by nearly 1,000 professionals from health, police, schools and private organizations.

A single, collaborative portal of this kind is essential to improve outcomes for vulnerable children. The “channel switch” has contributed to many of the efficiency savings achieved by council, as citizens now have access to reliable and easy-to-use web forms to interact with council, reducing contact centre workload. Importantly, the Commission also used OutSystems to create the integrated back-office applications needed to process all service requests more efficiently. By enabling the Council to accelerate its Digital by Default programme, OutSystems has helped Worcestershire achieve an estimated efficiency savings of around £4.7 million over five years. These savings come from: The Council`s IT team got off to a good start, delivering 53 applications in the first three years and saving £1.6 million through reduced development costs, the ability to decommission redundant systems and efficiency savings. These criteria led the board to OutSystems, and Worcestershire County Council became a customer of OutSystems in March 2015. The unit cannot provide legal services or advice to members of the public, as we can only act for the Council and other publicly recognized bodies. More than five years later, 100% of services are accessible online, resulting in a 64% reduction in contact centre traffic and related savings of £1.7 million over five years. The process efficiency of 66 applications is even more valuable. The Council has improved data sharing and cooperation with partners and, in particular, improved the experience of citizens, businesses and employees. Since 2008, local government spending in the UK has fallen by 25% in real terms, while the cost of providing social services to an ageing population has risen sharply.

As a result, all councils are under pressure to move as many interactions with citizens as possible to more efficient digital channels. This frees up the number of contact centres to focus on higher value-added activities and, if done right, can greatly improve the citizen experience. The application now includes a GIS integration that helps the council assign tasks to local volunteers with a single click. The system now allows the upload of identification and disclosure and prohibition service documents (DBS) to ensure security. The Legal Services Unit provides a comprehensive, efficient, competent and cost-effective legal service to all branches of the Board and to the company`s decision-making process. The end of standard support for SharePoint 2010 forced a UK government agency to meet a tight deadline. It needed to move quickly to the cloud while redeveloping a suite of custom SharePoint applications reaching the end of their life. “We wanted to coordinate efforts as quickly as possible, so we needed to understand what the demand was and how many people were willing to help. Launching these apps in a single day allowed us to do that before the opportunity presented itself. One of the key benefits Worcestershire County Council has gained from implementing OutSystems is improved agility, a capability that has been put to the test during the COVID crisis. Citizen developers in government agencies are rapidly modernizing legacy apps with 1 million records Another web form allows individuals, businesses, and voluntary organizations to volunteer to respond to these requests for support.

“We could see community support groups popping up on Facebook with a lot of goodwill and offers of help,” says Jo. In total, the Worcestershire Digital Delivery Team deployed 22 COVID-related apps in 2020. You can read more about these apps here. For more information on Worcestershire County Council`s Community Response Programme, click here. We regularly receive excellent survey scores from users. In the first few weeks, more than 2,000 offers of support were registered and more than 2,600 requests for assistance were received. Annually up to the maximum duration of the framework, subject to ongoing satisfaction and value for money The City of Oakland wanted to modernize the services it provides to its residents. With OutSystems, they delivered eight applications in just 12 months and saved about $1 million.

In response to these challenges, Worcestershire County Council`s IT team was looking for an application development platform to help the business implement digital transformation at scale. The platform had to: We don`t regulate this organization, but it shows up on our registry because there are SRA-regulated people working here. Below is a list of SRA-regulated individuals in this organization. These are the SRA-regulated individuals in this organization. All seven apps were completed in two weeks by just two developers from the Digital Delivery team. Other internal COVID response apps deployed during these two weeks include: Worcestershire County Council rolls out `Here 2 Help` program to support its COVID-19 response 5 min Oakland offers transformative digital services to residents to save $1 million For example, the Community Response app was launched in less than a day. A web form allows vulnerable and protected people to register and ask for help, such as help with shopping, eating and delivering medication. “This project shows how powerful an iterative and agile development approach is,” says Jo. “We developed the web forms and only a rudimentary backend in less than a day.

With the day-to-day improvements to the backend, we`ve gradually transformed it into a powerful application that streamlines the entire process of assigning volunteer assistance requests with identity verification. Worcestershire County Council provides vital local government services to around 600,000 people in England. OutSystems was launched in 2015 to advance its default digital initiative. Where does this information come from? Most of the information on this page comes from the Solicitors Regulation Authority. However, some information may have been processed directly by the professional, the company or its representative. Learn more. Set up your free environment and create your first app in minutes. “The agility and speed advantage we gain from OutSystems was particularly important in 2020. This year alone, we launched 17 new apps, many of which were critical in helping vulnerable people during the pandemic crisis. We made rapid progress in the first few weeks with OutSystems Customer Success Services,” said Jo Hilditch, Head of the Digital Delivery Team at Worcestershire County Council. “We used a combination of online training videos – which we found excellent – and on-site coaching. An OutSystems consultant helped our two development teams develop their first applications.

At the same time, other members of the Digital Delivery team have developed two apps that now support the coronavirus testing programme in Worcestershire and neighbouring Warwickshire.

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