Where Can I Get a D801 Form

You can get one at participating post offices. We store them on behalf of DVLA. You can also apply for a D1 form online. The amount payable is indicated on the back of Form D1. For more information about current fees, see www.gov.uk/driving-licence-fees. If you need a hard copy of a form and can`t print it yourself, you can get most forms from a post office that offers DVLA services. Check that your local post office has the form in stock before your visit. I thought you could get the forms for free at the post office? You only offer a paid service to take your photo and check it, or maybe it`s just for passports? For more information, see www.gov.uk/guidance/dvla-coronavirus-covid-19-update. I applied for a provisional licence online and paid the initial fee, received the D801 form after a week to return it with the original BRP card as I do not have a UK passport. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, I did not return the documents to the DVLA and found that 40 days had passed. Could you please help me find out if I can still send the documents and Form D801 since I read in one of the clauses that the documents and the form must be returned within 40 days.

On this Form D801(A), I made a mistake and filled in my contact information in a section that the person verifying my identity is supposed to fill out, not me. It was filled with pen. My parents had to pay for this form and it was sent to me. You can also order the Truck, Minibus or Bus Driver`s Licence Application Package – Form D2. You can order it with or without a D4 medical form. Please use the guide (INF1D) included with your Form D1 or contact the DVLA for assistance. To download other DVLA forms, you can find the links in this service. If you need help filling out the form, use the included brochure (INF1D). I made a mistake on a provisional license form, what can I do? I think you can get Form D1 at the post office. But that form is Form D801.

My name and other details are printed on it. I think it`s because I wanted to change my photo. And isn`t Form D1 for driver`s license applications? I am trying to get a provisional licence. I`m a bot, and this action was done automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. You can order the application package for a car, moped or motorcycle licence – form D1 (in English) or form D1W (in Welsh). Assume that the questions are asked in good faith and engage positively • Motorcycles (category A1) • Cars (category B) We recommend sending them by special delivery, especially if there are valuable documents inside. Attach a photo ID, your ID documents and the registration fee. I need a temporary license, my passport photo is horrible, so I have to do it by email and attach an image to use another image for my temporary license. Cheques and money orders are currently the only methods of payment accepted, please write your name and date of birth or driver number (if known) on the back of your payment method Use the INF1D guide provided with the D1 to verify that you have completed your application correctly.

You are not allowed to drive until you receive your driver`s license, as it tells you what and when you can start driving. The DVLA contact number is only available on Mondays and the online help chat bot is not useful. I don`t know what to do. What must I do? Can I still send it, can I stick tipex or paper on the part I filled out? • Mopeds (categories AM and Q) [Note DW: should it be A, M and Q?] No, that`s right, everything from the. GOV website Don`t be stubborn towards each other, or about each other, or other subreddits • Drive on lawnmowers and pedestrian-controlled vehicles, except pedestrian-controlled lawnmowers (category K) • Cars (category B) – because you receive a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) at the premium rate or you applied for a PIP after you have already received a maintenance allowance disability (mobility component) at the higher rate. You can visit the GOV. UK website checks vehicles you can apply for No medical advice or mental health content (person-specific) For more advice, please contact our helpdesk and speak to one of our advisors who can review your records. If you apply for your provisional driver`s licence online, be sure to do so on the GOV.UK website. I don`t want to take the risk of sending my documents and in the meantime the DVLA will cancel and refund the fee. I have not received any communication from the DVLA so far. Below is my reference 20220711733390 Please keep r/AskUK a great subreddit by flagging posts and comments that violate our policies. Have you solved this problem? My son did exactly the same 🙁 A reminder of posters and commenters of some of our rules subreddit 0300 123 0815 The lines are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m.

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