Should the Legal Age for Driving Be Raised

If young people are no longer able to use their cars due to an increase in the legal minimum age, it is possible that their general fitness level will also increase significantly, as they will have to find other hobbies instead of just driving in their car, and these other hobbies will often require more physical exertion. Raising the driving age would also mean reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions into our atmosphere, as fewer cars would be on our roads. I think the age of drivers should not be raised to 18. Tanis Herwig agrees that it should not be increased to 18, saying: “Students must be able to learn to drive and have their driver`s license when they graduate so that they do not depend on their parents.” Michele Fochtman also agrees, saying, “Students need driving experience.” Thanks to our rapid technological advancements, there could also be many programs in the near future that can help young drivers improve their driving behavior and can also save many young lives in an emergency. You should raise the legal driving age to 18, as most of the wreckage that occurs comes from teenagers. Teenagers have a certain way of thinking that “I win, you lose”, a kind of attitude. Or the “My way or not”. No matter how old a teen starts driving, lack of experience will always be a heavy factor. There are rules and checkpoints to ensure the safety of every driver on the road.

Raising the driving age will not only deprive a teenager of important experience, while leaving them inexperienced if they don`t start driving. They should not be allowed to carry passengers until one year after passing the test. This would allow them to acquire some sense of traffic and hopefully common sense. All infractions and the clock restarts. Three strikes in this year and they are banned for life. Brutal? Such is the loss of an innocent life. Instead of arbitrarily raising the driving age, we should continue to explore and explore ways to improve road safety for young people and the automotive public in general. Young drivers cause most accidents due to inexperience, not lack of maturity. No matter how old people start driving, they will have accidents because they have little experience. This question only arises because young people are easy to blame. An adult who has just started driving statistically has as many accidents as a young person. Not ALL teens are dangerous, just a small percentage.

Did you know that men are 77% more likely to kill someone while driving than women, does that mean we should only let women drive? It`s the same as you teenagers stereotype unfairly! Also, what would happen if 18-year-olds got their driver`s licence at 16, which completely refutes your point when you say that studies show that 16-year-olds have more car accidents than 18-year-olds! So wouldn`t the brain of a 21-year-old be more developed than that of an 18-year-old? And think about it, but most of the hoons on the street are 20 years old, not their teenage years. I think the minimum legal age for drivers is fine, as it is. I don`t really see the benefit of raising it even higher. I`m sure there are other steps that could be taken when applying for and reviewing a licence and driver`s licence that would be much more effective in keeping young drivers (and everyone else on the road) safe. Opponents of raising the driving age also often argue that teens` driving skills may not improve too much if they get a little older. The legal driving age should not be raised to 18. As someone who drives several lessons and exercises every week, a car is an incredible asset. “I`m not driving yet, but driving would bring a lot more responsibility and freedom at the same time,” Pereira said. “I could run my own errands and spend time with my friends without having to disturb my parents to take me. It`s like a step towards adulthood.

» SENATE PASSES RESTRICTIONS FOR SENIOR DRIVERS 3. MARCH 2010: On Tuesday, the state Senate passed its version of the so-called “Safe Driver” Act (S2290). The bill, which has sparked heated debate between senators from both parties, contains language that would require drivers 75 and older to undergo a cognitive and physical performance test to renew their driver`s licence. Section 4 of Standard S2290: (b) Notwithstanding any provision of the first paragraph of section 8, an applicant for a licence or a licence renewal must submit an application in person for the age of 75 years or over. The applicant must provide an Older Age Assessment Form completed by their health care provider in a professional capacity and the applicant must submit the Assessment Form to the Registrar. The Older Age Assessment Form assesses the applicant`s cognitive and physical abilities, including an eye exam, as well as any other conditions that may prevent them from operating a motor vehicle. The assessment form for older persons is developed by the Registrar in consultation with the Section 8C Medical Advisory Board. An applicant for a licence renewal must complete the form 60 months after reaching age 75 and every 36 months thereafter. No licence will be issued until the Registrar is satisfied that the applicant is qualified to obtain Giving young people the ability to drive will give them invaluable life experiences. Yes, driving is risky. It`s risky, no matter how old we are. But driving is one of those things we simply can`t avoid in modern society, and teenagers should be able to experience the world with the freedom that driving brings.

First of all, the main reason why the driving age is 16 (17 in the UK) is that parents don`t have time to drive teenagers. Do you seriously think they would have time to supervise and support them? Therefore, it can be very useful to take measures to reduce noise levels in these agglomerations, and raising the legal driving age can be a very effective measure to achieve this goal. A better way to improve safety standards for young drivers, in my opinion, would be to apply stricter driving lessons and tests, rather than waiting two seemingly magical years. Despite the benefits associated with driving at an earlier age, many worry about the potential risks and dangers that young drivers may pose to others.

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