Rhodes Requirements

Start researching graduate programs in the UK or Ireland that meet the price requirements and fit meaningfully into your educational career. A good source of information for future programs would be your faculty mentors and the Marshall Scholarships website, which lists several useful links. Once you`ve narrowed down potential graduate programs, start doing detailed research on the programs and their faculty. Find current faculty publications on these programs, find recent program graduates, and reach out to faculty members if you have questions about how your academic and research interests align with their programs. Finding ASU graduates who have applied for or participated in these awards is informative. To earn a degree from Rhodes College, you must meet several requirements. Below is an overview of the components of a Rhodes College degree. For final application requirements, dates and eligibility criteria, you should consult the document revised annually. Information for applicants: choice of elective courses The Rhodes program has been specifically designed to offer students the opportunity to combine carefully structured and intensive study of at least one subject with the broad and diverse understanding required for liberal arts and science education. is characteristic. Although necessary to achieve specific objectives, core courses can be chosen from a wide range of course offerings. This is just the beginning of a student`s exploration of the realms of human knowledge and creativity. When selecting courses beyond these requirements and outside the core discipline, students should consider how their education can be extended, complemented and enriched.

All new students must join the Open Rhodes orientation program during the summer prior to registration and participate in the Welcome Week, which takes place immediately prior to the opening of the college. The orientation aims to familiarize new students with Rhodes` traditions, ideals, academic expectations and regulations and to give them the opportunity to plan their programs of study in consultation with faculty members. During Orientation and Welcome Week, new students also meet with representatives of various student organizations, take placement tests, receive instruction on library use, participate in social activities, and participate in discussions with college administrators. For more information on the Open Rhodes Summer Orientation Program, visit rhodes.edu/admission-aid/admitted-students/summer-orientation. To be considered, a student must submit an application for admission, a high school transcript with grades for five semesters of coursework, a high school transcript, teacher evaluation, SAT or ACT test results, and have an in-person meeting with an admissions representative. Successful applicants have met Rhodes` normal admission requirements, including the academic unit requirements described above under “Admissions Selection Process”. Normally, it is necessary for an early admission student to enroll in a local college or university the summer prior to enrollment in Rhodes in order to meet the requirements of the college`s English unit. Advanced Placement, Cambridge Pre-U, International Baccalaureate and Option International Baccalaureate Credit cannot be used to meet Rhodes Foundation requirements, with the exception of grades in English and in certain subjects scores of 5 on AP, D3 or higher on Cambridge Pre-U exams, 6 or 7 on IB higher level exams and 16 or higher on Option International Baccalaureate exams. All students must take the Rhodes placement test in the appropriate language to determine proficiency and placement, including students who have taken an AP language exam in that language. For more information on advanced placement and International Baccalaureate credits, see rhodes.edu/registrat/1330.asp.

Rhodes College Admissions Office 2000 North Parkway Memphis, Tennessee 38112-1690 Telephone: 901-843-3700 or toll free 1-800-844-5969 Fax: 901-843-3631 Email: adminfo@rhodes.edu Online: rhodes.edu/admission For those considering an application, the rules and requirements will generally remain the same from year to year. New students must complete the one-hour SDE 1010 First Year Experience course. This is a general college requirement taken as part of all programs or as a prerequisite for admission to the program. This course is required for graduation. The course is offered in both online and traditional teaching formats and includes useful instruction on learning skills, time management, Rhodes State policies and procedures, and assessment protocols. Detailed information about the requirements for the ePortfolio and the capstone course can be found in the assessment discussions. Students will have a clear understanding of assessment activities if they meet the requirements of this course. Transfer applicants who apply to enter in January must also submit a semester grade report (available on www.rhodes.edu) that includes their professors` grades. Admission and scholarship decisions are made in secondary and post-secondary academic careers. Previous college work will be assessed in light of the degree requirements established by Rhodes. Transfer students whose previous work is not compatible with a Rhodes degree program may find it necessary to extend their college career to meet all degree requirements.

To earn a bachelor`s degree as part of the core curriculum, all students must meet the following requirements: Certain core subjects and skills are essential both in their chosen field of study and in fulfilling a responsible role as an educated member of society, regardless of the program or major the student pursues. Rhodes State College balances its technical programs with general education and related core courses. To this end, each program and/or degree has established its own general and foundational educational courses to enhance student achievement and ensure breadth of knowledge. All students earning an associate degree from Rhodes State College must also meet a common core of general educational distribution requirements. These distribution requirements require all graduates to take composition and program courses in English in mathematics and social and behavioral sciences. Depending on the student`s major, an additional distribution is required, fixed either in the humanities or in the life sciences and natural sciences. (See specific program and/or admission requirements for more information.) Students can schedule an online campus tour at www.rhodes.edu/visit. Questions regarding a campus visit can be directed to our Campus Visit Coordinator at 1-800-844-5969 or locally at 901-843-3700. First awarded to Americans in 1904, Rhodes Scholarships are the oldest and most famous international scholarships in the world.

Each year, 32 young Americans are selected as Rhodes Scholars through a decentralized process representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Rhodes Scholars are selected not only for their outstanding scientific achievements, but also for their character, commitment to others and the common good, and leadership potential in all areas in which their careers may lead. Tuition per credit hour is the tuition fee for special students (see “Special Fees and Deposits” in the Expenses section).

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